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The Jason Morris Judo Center Team

Our team is focused on one thing. Your success! That can mean different things to different people. Whether you’re looking to fulfill Olympic dreams or just find an activity to help with your health and well being, we can help you accomplish your goals!

Jason Morris

JMJC Head Coach

8th Degree Black Belt (Hachidan)

1992 Olympic Silver Medalist, 4x (88,92,96 & 2000)
2008 US Olympic Team Head Coach (Beijing, China)
2007 US World Team Head Coach (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
2007 US Pan Am Games Team Head Coach (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
2007 US Pan Am Championship Team Head Coach (Montreal, Canada)
2006 US Jr. World Team Head Coach (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)
2006 US Pan Am Championship Team Head Coach (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2005 US World Team Head Coach (Cairo, Egypt)
2005 US Pan Am Championship Team Head Coach (Caguas, Puerto Rico)
2000 US Jr. World Team Asst. Coach (Tunis, Tunisia)
1997 US World Team Asst. Coach (Paris, France)
1997 US Pan Am Championship Team Asst. Coach (Guadalajara, Mexico)

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“My passion for the Olympics is as strong as ever, and trying to get athletes to realize their own dreams is what drives me. There are so many phenomenal things about the Olympic Games, but I must say, walking in during the opening ceremony tops them all. I was fortunate enough to walk in five of them. Not a lot moves me, but being part of those ceremonies is such an honor and privilege.”

Teri Takemori

JMJC Head Coach

7th Degree Black Belt (Shichidan)

2003 World Championship Referee (Osaka, Japan)
8-Time US National Place Winner
5-Time US Open Place Winner
85 Pacific Rim Champion
IJF “A” Referee
2007 US World Team Asst. Manager (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
2006 US Jr. World Team Asst. Coach(Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)
2000 US Jr. World Team Head Coach (Tunis, Tunisia)

Nick Kossor

JMJC Elite Coach

4th Degree Black Belt (Yodan)

5x US World Team Member
2x US National Champ
Pan Am Championship Bronze Medalist

Brad Bolen

JMJC Head Juniors Coach

3rd Degree Black Belt (Sandan)

5x World Team Member
4x US National Champ
3x Pan Am Medalist
2010 Pan Am Champ

Lou DiGesare

JMJC Official Photographer

A personal friend to Jason and a tremendous asset to the Jason Morris Judo Center, Lou is responsible for most of the photography used by JMJC for promotional purposes including most of the photography on this website. We are very glad to have Lou as a member of the JMJC team!

Summer Training note to Athletes & Coaches:

If you are interested in training over the summer at the Jason Morris Judo Center, book soon as spaces fill up quickly. The way it works is you can choose your own schedule for any amount of time including the entire summer. Give us the dates you are thinking of coming and we will quote you a price. We train a minimum of 9 times during the week so your athlete will receive a ton of time on the mat. Olympic medalist and Olympic Coach, Jason Morris will be on the mat for most of those sessions so you or your athlete will receive the highest level of Judo education for his/her time at the JMJC.

Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions.

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