JMJC Practice/Lesson/Class Schedule

JMJC Practice/Lesson/Class Schedule

Juniors (Under 13)

Tuesday & Thursday: 5:00pm-6:00pm
Saturday: 11:00am -12:00pm

Adults (Over 13)

Monday – Friday: 6:30pm-8:30pm
Tuesday & Friday: 10:00am-12:00pm
Saturday: 11:00am -1:00pm


Welcome to the Internationally recognized Jason Morris Judo Center (JMJC): “Where Champions Train”. World Class Judo Training is beneficial at any skill level.
Whatever your goal… To become a better athlete, to develop physical fitness, to improve Judo, Wrestling or Jiu-Jitsu skills or to become a champion through our Elite Training Program… The JMJC is for you!

The flags in this section represent some of the many countries where judo has made an impact.
Do you recognize them all? Hover your mouse over the flag icons to see the country name for the ones you don’t know (tap the flag twice on iOS). Don’t see your favorite judo country here? Let us know and we will add an icon!



“I have worked with Jason Morris and Teri Takemori for many years, and I believe they have one of the most effective approaches to the development of International Judo in North America today. They allow an athlete to attain a level of technical mastery and tactical approaches to fighting like no other program I have seen. This combination has guided much of my judo career and allowed me to get where I am today. I think that Jason’s program can help any Judo player become even better and I would recommend it for anybody who wants to become the best in the world.”

  Keith Morgan, 4x Olympian

“I came to the Jason Morris Judo Center a couple of years ago at age 55, and the challenge of the training transformed me physically and mentally. It was hard, but it was the best hard activity I’ve ever undertaken. JMJC welcomed me and helped me but did not lower its standards for me. This is a place where world-class athletes train. But it is also a place where regular guys like me come, along with younger people, to learn something new, to get in shape and to challenge ourselves to do things we didn’t think we were capable of. Jason Morris and his wife Teri keep the atmosphere constructive and competitive. At JMJC, you’ll get much stronger than you ever can in the gym and you’ll get much better at a fighting sport than you ever could in a martial arts class. It’s fun, too, and Jason uses his extensive collection of ‘80s hard rock as a training soundtrack.”

 Will Doolittle, Projects Editor

Don’t Talk. Just Act. Don’t Say, Just Show. Don’t Promise, Just Prove.



Jason Morris
Jason Morris8th Degree Black Belt (Hachidan)
Teri Takemori
Teri Takemori7th Degree Black Belt (Shichidan)
Nick Kossor
Nick Kossor4th Degree Black Belt (Yodan)
Brad Bolen
Brad Bolen3rd Degree Black Belt (Sandan)


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Notable Past Events:

2022 Morris Cup – 11/09/2022

Our first post-pandemic tournament, the 2022 Morris Cup was a great success!
Click the image below to go to the event page!

Escape to L.A. Judo Tour – December 2018

This tour travelled to 10 cities in the Los Angeles area. For more details click on the poster photo below!

Jason Morris Judo Center - Escape to L.A. Judo Tour Poster

Jason Morris Way Street Dedication – 07/15/2017

Check out the video of Johnny Gioeli performing at the Jason Morris Way street dedication on July 15th, 2017 with the Dan Wos Project and special guest Nick Kossor of the Jason Morris Judo Center!
Click the image below to go to the event page and see the video!