Elite athletes from the Jason Morris Judo Center (JMJC) in Glenville, NY leave today for a 5 week training and competition tour. Ari Berliner (21), Kell Berliner (25) & Nicole Stout (22) leave for Dusseldorf, Germany to compete in the Dusseldorf Grand Slam this weekend. Kell & Nicole will compete and Ari will observe one of the top level event on the International Judo Federation Competition Tour.

JMJC teammate, Hannah Martin (31) will already be in Germany.  and compete as well. You can watch them compete live on http://www.judobase.org or follow the draws at TTA – the Judo Information System  The four athletes will remain in Germany for the training camp that most of the athletes that competed will attend. They will then move on to Warsaw, Poland the following weekend to compete in the Polish Open. They will then remain in Poland for the training camp.

The next stop for them will be Bariloche, Argentina where they will be joined by JMJC teammates, Zach Judy (26) & Melissa Myers (24). The following all 5 athletes will compete in Santiago, Chile then finish their tour March 21 in Lima, Peru before returning to the states. All these events carry points the athletes can earn toward qualifying for the Pan Am Championships which then gives opportunity to Qualify for the Olympic Games.