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“I have worked with Jason Morris and Teri Takemori for many years, and I believe they have one of the most effective approaches to the development of International Judo in North America today. They allow an athlete to attain a level of technical mastery and tactical approaches to fighting like no other program I have seen. This combination has guided much of my judo career and allowed me to get where I am today. I think that Jason’s program can help any Judo player become even better and I would recommend it for anybody who wants to become the best in the world.”

  Keith Morgan, 4x Olympian

“Jeremy has always had the self motivation and desire to be a great judo player.He is so fortunate to have an Olympic athlete in our hometown and a great club to train with to reach his goals. The vast array of athletes in the club or at a training camp continue to broaden Jeremy’s relationships and experiences. Our son at 15 has had some wonderful opportunities to travel within and outside the United States.

These experiences have enriched his personal knowledge and given Jeremy experiences other people never have the chance to experience.With the careful guidance of Jason and Teri and consideration for our “pocketbook” his tournaments and travel are carefully selected.We feel Jeremy has wonderful role models in Jason and Teri to help through these tough teenage years, something every parent hopes to have for their child. His focus on training, school and outside interests has only been enhanced by their dedication to their club’s program”

 Maureen & Joe Liggett, Parents of Jeremy Liggett

Danny Simmons - Australia - Judo Action Shot“Since 2012, Twice a year I would travel from Sydney, Australia to the Jason Morris Judo Center to further my judo career, each visit I never felt more welcomed by Jason & Teri, there professionalism and coaching is world class, the depths both Jason and Teri went to in helping me reach goals both in Australia and Internationally are one of the biggest highlights of my judo career. Accepting me into not only their dojo but home is one of the many things I will always look fondly on for the rest of my life, I’m proud to not just call them friends but family, whatever your goal is in judo, this training site is defiantly the benchmark of world class judo

 Danny Simmons, Former AUS National Judo Team Member, Head Coach – Woy Woy Judo Club

“Jason Morris and Teri Takemori run one of the best judo programs in North America for developing elite High Performance athletes. Jason Morris himself was one of the best athletes in the history of North American Judo. Jason combined incredible technical abilities with tactical skills that took him to 4 Olympic Teams, a World Medal and Olympic Medal. Jason Morris has also had an impact on Canadian athletes when training in Montreal, he always trying to improve on everyone’s skill level knowing that the better his training partners became the better he would become.

Jason unknowingly was a coach before he became a coach and his crucial words of advise helped me capture the 1995 Pan-Am Games in Argentina. Jason has also worked closely with Canadian athletes such as Nicolas Gill and Keith Morgan providing them with tactical and technical advice that can be provided by few others in North America. Jason Morris is and will be one of the leading forces in the development of high performance judo in North America for the next 20 to 30 years. Jason Morris has a simple goal and that is to produce world class athletes that can take World and Olympic medals. At the same time his coaching team understand the importance of developing a well balanced person that is excelling both on the mat and in school and in life.

 Ewan Beaton, Judo Canada Coach Coordinator, 2004 Canadian Team Olympic Coach, 2x Olympian (1992 & 1996), 1995 Pan Am Games Champion

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Jason Morris
Jason Morris8th Degree Black Belt (Hachidan)
Teri Takemori
Teri Takemori7th Degree Black Belt (Shichidan)
Nick Kossor
Nick Kossor4th Degree Black Belt (Yodan)
Brad Bolen
Brad Bolen3rd Degree Black Belt (Sandan)


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