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“I came to the Jason Morris Judo Center a couple of years ago at age 55, and the challenge of the training transformed me physically and mentally. It was hard, but it was the best hard activity I’ve ever undertaken. JMJC welcomed me and helped me but did not lower its standards for me. This is a place where world-class athletes train. But it is also a place where regular guys like me come, along with younger people, to learn something new, to get in shape and to challenge ourselves to do things we didn’t think we were capable of. Jason Morris and his wife Teri keep the atmosphere constructive and competitive. At JMJC, you’ll get much stronger than you ever can in the gym and you’ll get much better at a fighting sport than you ever could in a martial arts class. It’s fun, too, and Jason uses his extensive collection of ‘80s hard rock as a training soundtrack.”

 Will Doolittle, Projects Editor

“At age 21 I moved to Glenville with goals of improving and competing in Judo and felt privileged to have the best coaching me. Expectations were high for working hard, staying focused, never giving up and winning with integrity. My hours were filled with training, competing and working part time jobs in two local Glenville businesses.

I have always been impressed by the number of younger athletes from around the country who move to Glenville to be part of the JMJC. These kids live fulltime under the guidance of Jason and attend local schools. I am also struck by the athletes from around the world who seek out the JMJC to spend shorter periods of time training. Given Jason’s success as an athlete and ability to coach, he could have established and grown his program in any city in the country, but chose to return to his roots. Tucked away in Glenville, JMJC is one of the premier judo training programs which despite its reputation of developing world class competitive judo players, also carries on an important judo tradition — giving back.

That is one of the reasons I was so excited to bring my own children to JMJC. For the last three years, my kids have participated in the youth program at JMJC. Every elite athlete training at the JMJC is expected to give back by teaching, coaching and developing new players. Any child living in Glenville and surrounding towns has the opportunity to be part of this great tradition, not only learning judo from top athletes, but being taught values that are part of the sport; self-discipline, hard work, respect for self and others, dedication, persistence, continuous improvement and maintaining a strong body and mind. JMJC also does outreach to schools and preschools in the area. Each October, the JMJC hosts the Morris Cup tournament put on at Burnt Hills High School (Jason’s alma mater) which draws competitors from both the USA and other countries to Glenville, contributing to the local economy.”

 Gina (Franzese) Sullivan, US Sr. National Silver Medalist

“I recommend the Jason Morris Judo Center to any athlete wishing to become a serious contender both nationally and internationally. I owe my success in judo to the JMJC. Jason and Teri were with me every step of the way. Jason’s technical ability is among the best in the world. The JMJC’s training program will improve the quality of your judo, and prepare you to perform to the very best of your abilities.

I speak from personal experience as I was one of the first athletes to enter Jason’s program. I trained with the JMJC for five years on my quest to become an Olympic Athlete. When I started the program I was only 15; simply a young girl with a dream and nobody knew my name. After my first year of training, my judo improved so much that I placed third at the SR. Nationals and became a contender on the national circuit. Shortly after, I made the 2002 Jr. World Team and ultimately became the alternate for the 2004 Olympic Games at 52 kg.

Not only are Jason and Teri my coaches, but they are considered family and friends. They took me into their home at an early age and prepared me to take on a journey I will never forget. Their training center comes highly recommended.”

 Liz Burns, 2003 US National Champ, 2004 Olympic Alternate

“I have known Jason and Teri for over 30 years and competed against Jason for a spot on the 1988 US Olympic Team. After the games Jason and I travelled on National Teams throughout Europe and became very good friends. I trained as a resident athlete at the USOTC (United State Olympic Training Center) from approximately 1981 to 1991.

Currently I am the Head Coach at Southwest Judo Academy. Jason and Teri run one of the best junior and elite training programs in the United States. What sets them apart from every other program is the technical guidance and training that Jason provides. I have recently trained and brought junior students of mine to train at JMJC. I trust both Jason and Teri with my students.”

 Dave Faulkner, 3x US Open Champion (85/87/89), 2x Olympic Team Alternate (88/92), 8x US Senior National Medalist, Rank: 7th Dan

“I trained with Jason Morris & Teri Takemori for several years. Thanks to them I was able become a world class judoka. I reached my best level when I moved to JMJC in 1999 to train for my first Olympic games (2000). After that I became the record holder of the Dominican Judo til date. On the other hand Jason and Teri became my parents while living away from home at a young age, teaching me to be a clean and disciplined human being. Thanks to them I have also opened my academy in my country and teach their effective judo system

Vicbart Geraldino, 2x Olympian, 3x World Team Member

“Jeremy has always had the self motivation and desire to be a great judo player.He is so fortunate to have an Olympic athlete in our hometown and a great club to train with to reach his goals. The vast array of athletes in the club or at a training camp continue to broaden Jeremy’s relationships and experiences. Our son at 15 has had some wonderful opportunities to travel within and outside the United States.

These experiences have enriched his personal knowledge and given Jeremy experiences other people never have the chance to experience.With the careful guidance of Jason and Teri and consideration for our “pocketbook” his tournaments and travel are carefully selected.We feel Jeremy has wonderful role models in Jason and Teri to help through these tough teenage years, something every parent hopes to have for their child. His focus on training, school and outside interests has only been enhanced by their dedication to their club’s program”

 Maureen & Joe Liggett, Parents of Jeremy Liggett

“Our son, Nick, became a Judoka at the age of five, and we have actively supported his love of the sport for the past fourteen years. About three years ago, at the age of 16, our son received the opportunity of a lifetime — to study Judo full-time, while living at the Jason Morris Judo Club (JMJC) in New York, and finishing high school there.We have been pleased beyond measure with his development as a young man under the supervision of Jason Morris and Teri Takemori, with his tremendous development as a judo athlete, and with his enrollment in college while he continues the full-time pursuit of his Olympic dreams.

The support, nurturance, encouragement and expert judo training that our son has consistently received for the past three years could not possibly have come from any other place in America. That is a fact. Our decision to have our sixteen year-old son move away from home was the most difficult decision we’ve ever had to make as parents, but his pursuit of Olympic dreams required it.  We chose the JMJC program after carefully reviewing all of the options for judo training in America.We thank the Jason Morris Judo Club for all of wonderful experiences that our son has had in the past three years, and Jason Morris and Teri Takemori for making all of it possible. Under the direction of four-time Olympic competitor and U.S. Silver medalist in Judo, Jason Morris, the JMJC is the only “apprenticeship” program for the training of judo athletes in America, and deserves wide recognition for its accomplishments — and its tremendous potential.

Steve & Kathie Kossor, Parents of Nick Kossor

“Jason Morris and Teri Takemori run one of the best judo programs in North America for developing elite High Performance athletes. Jason Morris himself was one of the best athletes in the history of North American Judo. Jason combined incredible technical abilities with tactical skills that took him to 4 Olympic Teams, a World Medal and Olympic Medal. Jason Morris has also had an impact on Canadian athletes when training in Montreal, he always trying to improve on everyone’s skill level knowing that the better his training partners became the better he would become.

Jason unknowingly was a coach before he became a coach and his crucial words of advise helped me capture the 1995 Pan-Am Games in Argentina. Jason has also worked closely with Canadian athletes such as Nicolas Gill and Keith Morgan providing them with tactical and technical advice that can be provided by few others in North America. Jason Morris is and will be one of the leading forces in the development of high performance judo in North America for the next 20 to 30 years. Jason Morris has a simple goal and that is to produce world class athletes that can take World and Olympic medals. At the same time his coaching team understand the importance of developing a well balanced person that is excelling both on the mat and in school and in life.

 Ewan Beaton, Judo Canada Coach Coordinator, 2004 Canadian Team Olympic Coach, 2x Olympian (1992 & 1996), 1995 Pan Am Games Champion

Professional coaching and individual attention is the key to the Morris Judo Club.  With incredible attention to detail, and a work ethic to match, I have no doubt that theses athletes will be winning more national and international medals than any other training center in the near future.

When these athletes walk in the door for the first time, they must be in total awe. Seeing this, these athletes know they are there to win, and will have plenty of expert guidance along the way.  From video analysis, to strength training, to situational drills, every part of the program says top notch.

Bill Shanahan, 4x Sr. National Medalist

“I will never forget the time when my son David said to me one evening after being in Judo about year and a half (age around 14) “Mom…I’m going to go to the Olympics”! When I asked for what, he said “Judo…What else”? …from that time on my husband and I have done whatever possible to see that David will be able to obtain that dream. In Sept. Of 2003 David’s Senior year of High school, we moved him to Scotia, New York to live and train with Jason and Teri Morris.  In the short amount of time David has spent there, we can see a definite improvement in his Judo abilities.  His overall performance has increased to such a standard that we can only attribute it to the 100 percent Dedication and hands on skill and knowledge that Jason and Terri pass onto their students.David’s Attitude-selfesteem and confidence are at all time high, don’t get us wrong, David has always had a decent outlook/ attitude, but we really can see a difference in him…We truly believe that placing him in such an environment where he is around other kids and adults that share the same goals and aspirations as he has, has encouraged his inner growth as well as an outer appearance that conveys his seriousness for the sport and the eagerness to train with some of the best athletes in the country.

Andrea & Dave Chapman, Parents of Dave Chapman

“I have worked with Jason Morris and Teri Takemori for many years, and I believe they have one of the most effective approaches to the development of International Judo in North America today. They allow an athlete to attain a level of technical mastery and tactical approaches to fighting like no other program I have seen. This combination has guided much of my judo career and allowed me to get where I am today. I think that Jason’s program can help any Judo player become even better and I would recommend it for anybody who wants to become the best in the world.”

  Keith Morgan, 4x Olympian

“Since 2012, Twice a year I would travel from Sydney, Australia to the Jason Morris Judo Center to further my judo career, each visit I never felt more welcomed by Jason & Teri, there professionalism and coaching is world class, the depths both Jason and Teri went to in helping me reach goals both in Australia and Internationally are one of the biggest highlights of my judo career. Accepting me into not only their dojo but home is one of the many things I will always look fondly on for the rest of my life, I’m proud to not just call them friends but family, whatever your goal is in judo, this training site is defiantly the benchmark of world class judo

 Danny Simmons, Former AUS National Judo Team Member, Head Coach – Woy Woy Judo Club

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